Thursday, December 20, 2012

FLDS 101 - Table of Contents

Welcome to the FLDS 101 Blog. This blog tries to present the most comprehensive history and beliefs of the FLDS on the Internet. The intent of this blog is to provide this information in way that can be easily understood. The sources of information are many: primary sources such as transcripts of Warren Jeffs tapes, talks by Leroy Johnson and Rulon Jeffs, blog entries of current FLDS and former FLDS, published books, the FLDS scriptures, and records seized by authorities from the FLDS that are being made public through criminal trials.

There is now enough content on this site for a book. However, the author has no intent to publish this formally but does retain the copyright. There articles have been written over a two-year period. Many of the articles need to be updated since new information has been made available. The author intends to update these articles over time, so visit often.

Who is the author? The author chooses to remain anonymous. He is a historian and a writer. Is he FLDS, former FLDS, or neither? Who knows? He has been to Short Creek, Eldorado, and Mancos. He tries to be factual and fair, but also offers opinions. His email is So, sit back and read. Feel free to comment on the articles. The following outline may be helpful to read through the topics in a particular order.




Plural Marriage

Warren Jeffs


TexasConnie said...

So very helpful - thanks for the index.

Germiux said...

Thank you so much!
I am reading through all these blogs because I plan to write a story based in Short creek.
This is the best resource possible.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'm writing a research paper for a high school English class about the FLDS religion, & this is the best site I've found! It has a wide variety of articles about the church, & it's fair & unbiased.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if you know what has happened to Betty Jessop now that her father has been excommunicated from the FLDS and is in prison? I too thank you for all the work you've done!

Anonymous said...

It distresses me that the initials, 'FLDS' are not well and fully identified right there at the top of the website permanently.

ALSO what the heck is UEP? IDENTIFY your initials always. This is not a new fad. Furnish details. Leave no doubt. Let there be no alienation due withheld info. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Like one of your other commenters, I am also writing a fictional story about the FLDS. This is very useful!