Sunday, May 31, 2009

Warren's Petition to the President

On October 7, 2010, Warren Jeffs wrote down a purported revelation from the Lord to President Obama warning him that he should free Warren from prison, stop the legal prosecutions, and return UEP land and control to the FLDS. If these demands were not met, the wicked would be swept off of the continent.

After Warren was transferred to his Texas prison in Big Lake, he issued another revelation on February 5, 2011. Since no action had been taken by President Obama, this new purported revelation was in response -- a lengthy, rambling, repetitive warning to the entire United States if America.

I will attempt to analyze this revelation illustrating its rambling and repetitive nature. I will also show some great inconsistencies with this proclamation in comparison with a proclamation to the President of the United States under somewhat similar circumstances by church leaders in 1845 that Warren recognizes were true prophets.

Warren’s revelation to the country was simply a message that states: Warren is a prophet, he should be freed from prison and left alone, the FLDS are being persecuted and should be left alone, the entire nation is wicked, legalized abortion must stop, God is very angry, and great destructions are on the way very soon. Essentially, you better leave the FLDS alone and stop your wicked ways, or else. The FLDS are God’s chosen people and they have important work to establish Zion. Don’t get in their way, or else very nasty things will happen to you.

It took eight pages of rambling over and over again to get this message across. Let’s take a look at the repetitive points. At least 16 times warnings were given that judgments, earthquakes, and other nasty things would happen to the nation in revenge. Eleven times the issue of abortion was brought up as being a terrible sin. Each time it was mentioned in the same way without much further insight, just rambling repetition. Eight times it was mentioned that Warren was a prophet, the Lord’s servant and that he better be listened to, or else. Eight times it was mentioned that the FLDS were being persecuted, six times that they needed to establish Zion, Six times was an order issued to “Let my people go” the same statement used by Moses to Pharaoh.

Warren claims these words came from the Lord Jesus Christ. If this is true (even in just Warren’s mind) why isn’t this consistent with other published revelations that came through Joseph Smith who Warren recognizes as being his religion’s founder. It is simple to read such revelations side by side and see the great inconsistencies in tone, word usage, biblical parallels, and overall structure. The 2011 “revelation” is simply angry ramblings of a paranoid man in prison who wants to keep his iron-fist power over his little kingdom. The revelation passes no possible tests for a true revelation.

The FLDS claim authoritative roots back to 19th century Mormonism. In 1841-45, there is an interesting parallel situation and revelation to compare to Warren’s revelation. The Church had experienced intense persecution, leaders imprisoned, government oppression, and property loss. In 1841 Joseph Smith issued a revelation attributed to have come from the Lord instructing him to issue a proclamation to the President of the United States.

It is interesting to compare the words of Warren’s Lord with that of Joseph Smith’s Lord and their strategy for approaching a non-believing president. Warren’s Lord is boastful and threatening, “is over you and has all power.” He warns that he “shall subdue all His enemies under his feet.” Essentially this Lord is saying, I have all power, get out of the way or I will crush you. There is no love expressed and no invitation to come to Him. This voice sounds rather like a demanding Warren Jeffs who lived for years ruling with a demanding iron fist but now is behind bars.

In 1841 after years of intense persecution, Joseph Smith’s Lord instructed him to write a proclamation to the president and kings of the world. “Let it be written in the spirit of meekness.” The desire of this Lord is that He “will visit and soften their hearts, many of them for your good, that ye may find grace in their eyes, that they may come to the light of truth…” (see D&C 124) This Lord also warns there will be consequences “if they reject my servants and my testimony which I have revealed unto them.” But the major difference is that this Lord hopes to convert and save others. Warren’s Lord appears to only care about the FLDS and their mission. He considers all others as wicked and apparently beyond saving.

Warren’s Lord’s message to the president is: Repent and get out of the way. Joseph Smith’s Lord’s message to the president was: Repent and come unto Jesus, accept his gospel and work with us. The FLDS believe both Lords are the same and both messages to be scripture. If so, why the huge difference? Why in just 170 years has the Lord’s message changed so radically? In 1841 Joseph Smith’s followers believed they were building up Zion and that Jesus would soon return. The FLDS believe the same in 2011. However, their approaches are totally different. The FLDS have isolated themselves to the point where they believe no others can convert and join them, the rest of the world is wicked and lost. Their message is: Repent, get out of the way, and prepare to be destroyed. They now totally reject the teachings of Joseph Smith’s Lord instructing followers to proclaim his gospel, and seek to convert the rest of the world to the truth.

For reasons unknown, Joseph Smith never issued the proclamation to the president. He was martyred in 1844. However, his successor, Brigham Young and his quorum of apostles did issue the proclamation in 1845. It was a lengthy 16-page pamphlet. The message was inviting: “we send unto you, with authority from on high, and command you all to repent and humble yourselves as little children before the majesty of the Holy One; and come unto Jesus with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, and be baptized in his name for the remission of sins.” Warren’s Lord would never give such an invitation. His doors are closed to converts.

The 1845 message to presidents and kings was, “man can be saved.” There was still time, clear until the second coming of Jesus to put lives in order, “and thus be prepared to escape all the things that are coming on the earth.” Yes judgments and destruction will come, but there was and invitation “to take an active part [in building up Zion] in it from this day forward.”

Warren’s angry Lord seems to have forgotten these invitations and only cares about the FLDS. “This earth is mine, and I have caused my people to receive a preparation work for my glorious coming on earth to establish my Zion, and they are my people. Let them go!” The implication here is that all others are not Warren’s Lord’s people. He accuses all others: “You deny me” and warns that they soon will be destroyed.

Near the end of the rambling revelation, there is an invitation to repent. This invitation even goes so far to invite the wicked to receive His message of salvation from authorized FLDS leaders. This is curious because these leaders are not seeking to help save anyone except those born within the FLDS Church.

It has now been several months since Warren’s rambling revelation. No doubt he has been delighted to hear about the tragedies of tornados, floods, and fires during the past few months. Just as he believed that Hurricane Katrina was sent by has vengeful Lord in response to Warren’s pleadings, he likely is also taking credit for the tragedies experienced during the spring of 2011. Yet we still are awaiting the great earthquake he predicts will hit Illinois.

FLDS People 101 - Allan Keate - machinist, convicted felon

On December 17, 2009, Allan Eugene Keate was sentenced to 33 years in Texas state prison after the jury deliberated for only five hours. He was found guilty on a charge of sexual abuse of a child.

Allan Keate was born on May 12, 1952. He is the son of Eldon Keate. Allan is a machinist by trade. He was a well-respected machinist who worked with various businesses in Utah. Kelly Roestenburg, president of New West Machine Tool Corp, in West Jordan said Allan was always truthful and honest with him. He knew him for 28 years and had done millions of dollars worth of business with Allan over the years. He never had to make a contract, they just shook hands.

Around January 2004, he disappeared from Colorado City because Warren had him secretly go to help start building up the YFZ Ranch. Allan brought some of his family with him.

Not only did Allan help with the construction of YFZ but he also helped supply his girls for wives. He gave his 14-year-old daughter, Veda Lucille Keate, to Warren Jeffs to be sexually assaulted. On January 18, 2004, Warren married her and on the next day Allan transported her to Mancos, Colorado. She was still there in August 2005.(During the 2008 YFZ raid, Veda was recognized by CPS as being an underage mother. Veda gave officials a last name of Keate instead of Jeffs. Veda was forced to give three DNA tests as officials figured out the truth. In July, 2008 she was living in a rented home in Converse, Texas with her 2-year-old daughter, Serrena. Veda was uncooperative when official came with a subpoena for the third DNA test.)

In July, 2004, Warren assigned which families would live in the “big house” at YFZ during construction of other houses. The following families shared the big house: Warren Jeffs, Allan Keate, LeRoy Jeff, Nephi Jeffs, and LeRoy Steed. It is interesting to see that in just a few years Warren and Allan would also be sent to “the big house.” This one would have bars.

By September 2004, Allan had been set apart as a temple builder.

On May 5, 2005 Allan married 15-year old Merilyn Rose Barlow Jeffs. She was the previous wife of LeRoy Jeffs (Warren’s brother) who Warren had recently kicked out. Merilyn had married LeRoy at the age of 14. Allan also married another one of LeRoy’s wives, Joanne Steed, on that same day. Warren had decided to marry off all eleven of LeRoy’s wives to five men at YFZ. This marriage to Merilyn would later cost Allan his freedom.

Allan later brought young Merilyn in to meet with Warren because she had been unwilling to “get close” to Allan. Warren gave her direction and told her to hold hands with Allan on the way home. She was then to have a talk with Allan. It looks like Merilyn was sent away from YFZ for a time (probably to Colorado) and was instructed to write letters daily to Allan telling him how she was doing including how much she loved him. At one point Warren complained to Allan that she was acting silly. Merilyn would eventually return to YFZ and would give birth to Allan’s son, Robert in December, 2006.

Allan consulted with Warren regarding plural marriage challenges and how he should give proper attention to his wives. Warren replied, “Sometimes I rotate and stay with each wife in their room.” Allan also wanted guidance if he should still sleep with wife Nancy who was past child-bearing age.

On October 3, 2005, at the YFZ Ranch, Allan agreed to let his 15-year-old daughter Rachel Keate marry Lehi Barlow Allred Jeffs. Also on that day gave up another15-year-old daughter, Rebecca Keate to marry Keith Dutson Jr. Clearly Allan had no problems bringing his little girls forward to Warren for marriage.

On July 4, 2006 in Colorado, Allan was given another wife, Rosanna Barlow Nielsen, at least his sixth wife. He later brought her to YFZ Ranch. In March, 2007 he had six wives and 14 unmarried children living with him at YFZ. He had many other children elsewhere. His first two wives produced 18 children.

In May and June 2007, Allan Keate was a member of the YFZ High Council, and attended secret meetings to accept a series of Warren’s “revelations.” These revelations were the means Warren used to convince his followers that he was still the prophet from his prison cell and that his sins had been forgiven.

During the April 2008 raid, many of Allan’s family members were involved. His wife Merilyn gave her name to CPS as “Merilyn Barlow” and refused to name Alan as her husband and the father of her son, Robert. CPS first believed Merilyn was a minor but later agreed that she was 18. They suspected Allan Keate to be her husband but Allan was nowhere to be found. A hearing was held in May to consider Merilyn’s case. Merilyn’s service plan submitted (to be reunited with her son) to the judge called for her to identify her son’s father, undergo a psychological assessment and take parenting classes. A CPS case worker estimated that Merilyn only had an eighth or ninth-grade education. An attorney appointed for her 1 1/2-year old son, pointed out that Merilyn was underage when he was born and that this may lead to criminal charges against the father, depending on the father’s age.

Using the records seized in the raid, in July 2008, Allan was eventually charged with felony sexual assault. In August he posted a $100,000 bond and was not allowed to leave the county and had to stay away from his 18-year-old wife. He was indicted by the Grand Jury in August.

Allan’s December 2009 trial was very straight-forward. The defense had tried to get damning evidence thrown out that had been seized during the 2008 YFZ raid, but they were not successful. Allan chose to go with a jury trial. It was an open and shut case. The evidence was clear. DNA tests showed that Allan was the father of Merilyn’s baby. Records seized showed that Merilyn was Allan’s underage wife. Alan was convicted after only five hours of jury deliberation and then sentenced to 33 years in prison.

FLDS People 101 - Mike Emack - Engineer, convicted felon

On January 22, 2010, Michael George Emack pled no contest to sexual assault charges and was sentenced to seven years in prison. This came about because he married a 16-year-old at YFZ Ranch on August 5, 2004. She would give birth to a son less than a year later.

Who is Mike Emack? Mike was born in 1950. He served in the Vietnam War and is a gifted Engineer. It is safe to say that he deserves much of the credit for the creation and construction of the YFZ Ranch. Mike is one of the most respected men among the FLDS, known as a man of integrity. But he was caught up in Warren’s twisted marriage doctrine, and now must face the consequences.

Mike has at least four wives including the underage victim (name withheld). He had married another 16-year-old, Sarah Hammon back in 1974 when he was age 23. His other two wives are Celia (age 45) and Alice Mae (age 59). In the YFZ bishop’s record he listed 12 unmarried children. He probably has at least twice that number and many grandchildren.

Warren Jeffs called Mike Emack on the mission for the redemption of Zion at YFZ in October or November 2003. None of his family were permitted to come with him and he was not allowed to tell them where he was going or what his mission was about. In fact, he had to lie to his family left behind in Short Creek (865 N Midway St., Hildale, UT).

Mike went right to work on many projects as construction started at YFZ. One early mysterious project was to build a furnace. (Some have speculated that it was for a crematorium, which is highly unlikely.) Robert Richter, who later left the FLDS wrote, “Charles Olds told me Mike Emack needed a furnace built and needed our help. I had no idea where Mike was at the time. It never crossed my mind it might be illegit because it came from Mike (I trusted Mike, but I was starting to get suspicious of Warren even then). Coming from Mike, I would have expected a steel mill before a crematory. . . . Mike's only comment to me through it all is ‘we are working for a good cause, but I can't tell you anything, except that I was called on a mission.’ What's odd is there wasn't as much secrecy on the furnace as there was on a silly rock cutting saw. I was admonished not to talk about it, but nowhere near the drilling I got on the rock cutting saw.”

In April, 2004, Warren mentioned Mike in his dictactions. "I told him to keep Mike Emack and Luke Jessop there at R23 (South Dakota) to finish the freezer room and the refrigerator room." By May 30. In May, 2004, Mike was back at YFZ and said the prayer at a general meeting where they had to listen to Warren chastise them for two hours.

On August 5, 2004, Mike was assigned to marry the underage 16-year-old girl. He didn’t refuse. This decision would later be the reason for him spending time in prision.

By September 2004, Mike was set apart as a temple builder.

In 2005, Winston Blackmore from Canada, who had been kicked out by Warren several years earlier, flew over YFZ hoping to get a glimpse of some family members. Winston wrote, “In my thoughts I could see Mike Emack, tired and worn out, trying to make any sense out of working 20 hour days while his children are home suffering for their father, and finally just going away because he is nowhere to be found. I actually thought I heard him sob from his hiding place.”

In June 2005, on the Texas blog, there was a discussion about Mike and whether he was at YFZ. “I would like to know the whereabouts of my good friend Mike Emack. Mike is such a sensible thinking guy that I can't imagine him being involved in such atrocities as seem to be happening to the people from Hilldale and Colorado City. Mike seemed to not know the existence of the Texas compound. He told his family that no place even existed. Mike is such an honest decent fellow I can't believe he would outright lie to his family. Mike spent time in the Vietnam war. I'm sure he would not fall into a communistic rule as seems to be practiced in FLDS compound in Eldorado Texas. On the other hand if those people are building something technical such as a creamatorium, they would have to have Mike to design the workings of such a thing. Mike is what I consider to be a genius in working with technology. Mike if you are still around out there, or if anyone knows his whereabouts. Please post a message to inform us.”

Another person wrote, “Mike Emack is not a liar. A cleaner, more Christ-like man could never be found! If he is in Eldorado, it is because his heart tells him to be. Leave this sweet, patriotic, innocent man out of this!”

Several other posters confirmed that he was indeed at YFZ Ranch.

In July, 2006, Warren, still on the run, again mentioned Mike in his dictations. “He [Merril Jessop] informed me that an FBI agent called Mike Emack right on Mike Emack’s mobile phone, asking him if he would testify against me. So there is that effort trying to come right among the people on this land. May the Lord deliver us from our enemies.”

During the YFZ Ranch Raid, Mike's daughter, Martha, was prominent in the media as she was separated from her two children. Martha gave her maiden name to media instead of her real name. Martha was the former wife of Guy Draper who had been kicked out of the FLDS in 2005. At least one of his wives stayed with him, but Martha stayed with the FLDS. By 2008, Martha had already been passed around to her third husband at the age of only 21!

In September 2005, she was brought to YFZ and reassigned to Joseph Steed (twice her age). He was "handled" in 2006 and lost his priesthood and wives. Martha was then reassigned to Keith William Dutson Sr. who was also twice her age. She had two children. Her children ages, 1 and 2, were taken to a Texas shelter for a few weeks. Draper is the father of here first child Dutson the father of her second child.

Using the records seized in the raid, in July 2008, Mike was charged with felony sexual assault. In August he posted a $100,000 bond and was not allowed to leave the county and had to stay away from his 19-year-old wife. He was indicted by the Grand Jury in August. In January, 2010, Mike, now age 59, moved into his new home, prison.

FLDS History 101 - The 2004 Purge

On December 24, 2003, Warren Jeffs received a “revelation” warning him that there were many FLDS men who were conspiring against him. He was warned “that if these men didn’t repent they would be instruments in the hands of the devil to lead many astray.” He needed to take against this dangerous threat facing him.

On January 10, 2004, in a Saturday morning prayer meeting at the LSJ meetinghouse in Short Creek, Warren Jeffs stood before a gathering of 1,500 FLDS and said, “I seek unto the Lord that only his will and purpose be done this day. The Lord has placed upon me the mission to search for the pure in heart. Whom the Lord loves he chastises and grooms. I come with a message of correction and an invitation of repentance." His voice was shaky and he continuously cleared it throat. He looked uncomfortable. He then made a starling announcement. He first had four sons of John Y. Barlow stand and also four sons of Rulon Jeffs. All eight were sons of previous prophets. He denounced them all as “master deceivers.” “Verily, verily, thus saith the Lord to this people, all those who join with these deceivers and hypocrites will be darkened and will have to be cast out.” Addressing the Barlows, Warren said, “You judged and criticized legitimate authority.” He turned to their wives. “All you ladies married to these men are released from them and will remove yourselves immediately from their presence. If you don’t I will have to let you go.”

The congregation was in shock. Nothing like this had ever occurred before. He had thirteen additional men stand. They were told they were also being cast out. Twenty-one men total. They must immediately remove themselves from UEP property and leave the community. Warren looked at them and said, “You know what you have done.” But they didn’t. He asked those standing to show by uplifted hand that they accepted this action as the word of the Lord. They all raised their right hands. He next asked the congregation to raise their hands in favor of this action that he called “the will of God.” He then asked, “Does anyone oppose? Raise your hand and stand up if you do.” No one had the courage to show what they truly felt. “I am calling for a fast for the next two days. All of the families are to keep to themselves.”

He then asked the audience to all kneel while he led them in prayer. In the prayer he instructed those who were being sent away to repent and continue to support the FLDS financially. They were told to send him letters of confession. If they changed their ways, they may one day be permitted to return.

What happened to these men? Did Warren let them back in? Did he keep in contact with them? Were they helped? Read about some of these men including four brothers, Louis Barlow, Joseph Barlow, Dan Barlow, and Nephi Barlow.

Winston Blackmore later honored the Barlows: "Uncle Louis, Dan, Joe and Nephi have been famed for many things, including leadership, inspiration, and dedication, but perhaps the most outstanding being their faithful stand for the teachings of Uncle Roy and John Y. Barlow, who
stood almost single handedly against a whole church and state, bent on totally wiping out the fullness of the celestial law of marriage. They stood with Uncle Roy who stood for Uncle John who stood for the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was said by Warren that their father John Y. Barlow directed the proceedings of their excommunication. What a crock! Smells like a vulture to me."

Winston also noticed a similarity between the 1953 Raid and Warren's Raid. "'Women leave
those men.' They all left. 'Children take on you a new identity.' They all turned into someone else. 'Men go imprison yourself in solitary confinement'. They left to be in lonely exile. The raid was accomplished at last."

A daugher of one of the Barlows commented, "I am a daughter of one of the 'Barlow boys' and it is absolutely amazing to see what has happened to my heritage. It's sad, but like someone said, 'They are being devoured by the very monster that they created.'"

One of the brothers of Warren, Brian Jeffs apparently was allowed to return a few months later.

FLDS People 101 - Louis Barlow: died of a broken heart

Louis Jessop Barlow was the oldest son of John Y. Barlow (former leader of the polygamist group). Louis was both loved and despised by many, but made a huge impact on the community of Short Creek. He was among those who Warren Jeffs kicked out of the church at the public meeting on January, 10, 2004. Some people believed that Louis Barlow should have been the next FLDS prophet instead of Warren. Who was Louis Barlow? Why was it so shocking for him to be kicked out?

Louis Barlow was born, reared, and educated in Salt Lake City. After graduation, he worked at Woolsey's Ranch near Cedar City, and later moved to Short Creek. Shortly after his move, he joined the U.S. Navy, from which he received an honorable discharge.

In 1948, Louis (age 24) was involved in a controversy surrounding a plural marriage. A 15-year-old daughter of Joseph Lyman Jessop visited Short Creek from out of town for a dance. Before she returned home, she was secretly married to Louis as his third wife. (Louis had previously married two girls who we would consider underage today.) The girl returned home and admitted to her father that she had been married. When Louis came to get her, Lyman Jessop refused to let her go since he did not consent to the marriage and he believed her daughter was pressured into it. This turned into a controversy among the priesthood council. Louis’ father, John Y. Barlow, had authorized the marriage and maintained that it was valid. Time passed, John Y. Barlow died, and Joseph W. Musser became the senior member of the council. In 1950 the issue was brought before the council. The girl still did not want to be married to Louis and had not yet lived with him. Louis stated that he didn’t regret his actions and would do it all over again the same way. Musser replied, “You’d better not.” The council decided to annul the marriage. Within a couple years there was a split among the followers, and soon the group that Louis followed started to adopt more openly the concept of assigned marriages without consent of parents. (Marianne T. Watson, Dialogue 40:1)

In 1949, Louis received a teaching certificate from the Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. That year, Louis was hired by the Short Creek School Board as principal. He also taught 7th and 8th grade. The school property was in poor condition and Louis went to work to improving the building and utilities.

One person recalls working on the school, “I like to remember the old school days, when Louis Barlow was principal, he got an old war surplus generator and some of the guys hooked it to an old car engine. We actually had electricity at the school! Lou had us dig a well by hand. Someone would be in the hole digging, while others would pull the buckets of dirt up on a rope. We put in the well, put in a pump that was powered by the generator, and planted grass in the square that was between the three school buildings. I believe that was the first lawn ever planted in Short Creek! We put up a tall flag pole in the center of the lawn. It was a power line pole that Lou got from somewhere. He had some of the kids WHITTLE ... a ball, out of wood. It was about six to eight inches in diameter. The ball went on top of the pole.”

Because of the school, a tax levy was increased on neighboring cattlemen. They criticized Louis for buying a 1946 truck for the school. Louis’ brother Truman ended up driving the truck all over town for any reason using school money or gasoline. The ranchers complained to the school board but it did no good.

Louis was in Short Creek during the 1953 Raid and went on a radio show later which helped sway public option. He said, “The following Sunday, July 26th was a terrible day of this invasion, this Raid, this abuse that came upon our fair community! After the invasion and the fear that was put into the lives of every mother and child in that community, followed mock trials, Juvenile hearings, and imprisonment! They desecrated the day! The places where we held Sunday School and meetings were made prisons the men were put in there and held by sheriffs all the way around- not allowed to talk to their families, treated just as if it was a movement of Adolph Hitler or some movement like that out of the last war! Since that day, we have been put in prison in Kingman and held three days beyond the time the money had been raised for our bonds, specifically, we know, to give time for the evacuation of our women folks and our children. So that by the time we were finally released on bonds, we came home to empty homes! Where those children slept that night of July 19, I found empty beds! I don't want to be emotional about this thing, except that it does touch my heart. But I want to say that this is an experience of a lifetime!”

During the radio interview, Louis then made this statement: “There have been no forced marriages. Everyone is free to leave or stay as he [or she] chooses.” That was a curious statement from a man that participated in a forced marriage just a few years earlier.

In the early 1960s, Louis worked under Uncle Roy’s direction to get control of the land in Canada owned by Harold Blackmore. Harold was asked to move to Short Creek and then Louis used some trickery to eventually confiscate Harold’s Canadian land for the UEP in 1965. This land, now settled by the FLDS, is called Bountiful, Canada.

Louis did the ground work and negotiations to bring telephone service to Short Creek in the 1960s. A telephone line was built from Hurricane to Short Creek and the first telephone, a single toll station was put in front of Louis’ house. It was put in operation in April 1964. Soon an automated telephone exchange building was constructed and work began on running underground lines to all the home in the community.

About 1985 after the Priesthood Split, an anonymous letter revealed that Louis had purchased a cache of guns that were stored in a cave above Fred Jessop’s home. Louis was said to have bought 100 semi-automatic .22 caliber rifles and tons of ammunition. The sheriff looked into the matter and the anonymous letter was confirmed. Louis claimed to have purchased the guns for survival kits to sell to those who believed the end of the world was coming. Louis eventually sold most of the guns back to the dealer he bought them from. 50 other guns were unaccounted for. The ATF got involved but eventually dropped the whole matter.

On August 8, 2002, three of Louis’ grown sons were killed in an airplane crash. John, Ronald, and Michael left behind at least six wives and 50 children. Their plane crashed near the summit of Delano Peak. At the funeral in the LSJ meetinghouse there was a large display of photos in the hallway of Louis’ huge family. One observer said the photos “showed ample evidence of a proud, happy, and close-knit family.”

A few months later, A non-FLDS relative met with Louis in the lobby of a Salt Lake City hotel. She commented, “we briefly discussed Utah’s intention to pass a law making it a felony for men to marry underage girls in plural marriage. When I voiced the idea that it wasn’t necessary to marry underage girls to live plural marriage, Louis expressed adamant disagreement. It was apparent that he emphatically supported placement marriage, which he thought included the right of the 'one man' to arrange marriages for underage young women. For him, the issues were inseparable.”

On January 10, 2004, at the age of 80, Louis tearfully was forced to move away and never see again his huge family, including at least seven wives. He felt he had no choice but to turn away from the community that he spent nearly his entire life building up.

After the purge, an anonymous letter mailed throughout the community created a big stir. The author of the letter included a dream that proclaimed that Louis would received the mantal of prophet, that it was time for him to step forward claim his birthright. Louis’s brothers were told to defend that birthright and support Louis. Well, Louis did never step forward, but Warren sure worried that one of the Barlows would try.

Warren received a letter informing him that “since Louis Barlow was handled . . . he has deteriorated in spirit.” He also was told that Louis was angry that Sidney Barlow had been placed over his family to “teach and train” them. Warren commented, “His spirit has deteriorated. Louis Barlow’s expressions to me in his letters are that he has upheavals of feelings, up and down, and in the last letter that I received, that I read yesterday, Louis Barlow expressed that all he wants in Priesthood and he can tell by his feelings being so uncontrolled that perhaps his family and wives were his darling idols.” Warren had preached for years for people to give up their “darling idols” that distract them from obeying him.

Warren went to work to marry Louis’s wives to other men. He gave them to trusted leaders. He performed two marriages at a secret ceremony at the Holiday Inn at Flagstaff, Arizona. Loana Silvester Broadbent Barlow was married to Stephen Parley Harker. Abbey Kay Wightman Barlow was married to Donald Ward Richter.

Sam Barlow, Louis’s brother, who had not yet been kicked out, asked Warren how to deal with his grieving brothers. Warren replied, “I strongly explained to him that these men had not repented and that I have not sent Sam Barlow to go comfort those men and to not run ahead of me. Those men still haven’t repented and I don’t have sympathy for sin. The word of the Lord is the word of the Lord to me and it is not debatable.”

On May 17, 2004, Warren wrote, “I was shown specifically that Louis Barlow was turning against me and Priesthood and also many of his sons. I saw in my dream how these sons would rise up in the strength, they felt they had, to oppose me, put me down, one after another. . . . Several of these sons of Louis Barlow were either indifferent or they were threatening. Louis Barlow in this dream showed a great religious zeal of righteousness, and yet I saw him turning people against me and Priesthood in the midst of his religious zeal.” Warren now had some new targets, Louis’ sons. Thomas Barlow would be the next to go.

Louis’ tithing donation had recently been sent back to him through “Big Willie Jessop.” The FLDS no longer wanted his donations. Willie reported that Louis had been angry about is. Willie's statments have proved to be very unreliable. Perhaps Louis instead was devistated. This was a further signal that he was being totally cut off from the faith, people, and community he loved.

Just one week later, Louis Barlow, the patriarch of the Barlow clan, died on May 24, 2004 at the St. George home. Louis had experienced heart problems in recent years. It was said that he had stopped taking his heart medication. He was in his early 80s when he died. He left behind seven former wives, 60 children, and at least 400 grandchildren.

Doug Cooke, who had also been kicked out told the media the Louis died a broken-hearted-man and accused Warren of killing him. Doug had met Louis a week earlier at a restaurant. Louis still professed his faith in the FLDS and refused to shake Cooke’s hand, who he considered an apostate. “We have nothing in common.” Ross Chatwin, also considered an apostate by the FLDS had recently visited Louis. Louis told him “I have nothing to talk about,” and refused to shake his hand. Chatwin believed Louis lost his will to live.

FLDS attorney, Rod Parker, had met with Louis three weeks earlier and said “he sounded normal and upbeat.” (However, Parker has a long track record of deception in his statement to the media).

Surprisingly, Warren allowed Louis’ funeral service to be held at the LSJ Meetinghouse in Colorado City. He also allowed him to be buried in the FLDS cemetery in Colorado City. However, Warren did not allow Louis’ grave to be dedicated, an ordinance usually performed.

His obituary included, “He had the ability to make everyone feel special. He was a dynamic, gracious, prayerful, and dedicated man ... a real gentleman's gentleman. Louis was loved by all who knew him.”

A few weeks after Louis’ death, Warren believed he now had proof and justification for his harsh treatment of Louis. "Two of Louis Barlow’s former sons testified to me in their letters that yes, Louis Barlow had been in disagreement with father (Rulon Jeffs) and I on certain doctrines, and that happened clear up until the week before he passed on. So it was the Lord’s mercy taking him before he turned bitter. A man cannot oppose the Prophet and the teachings he gives and still hold Priesthood.” (Priesthood Record, June 13, 2004) Warren still believed that Louis would have turned apostate. He felt that it was a blessing for Louis to die before this happened.

In late June, 2008, Warren performed some secret marriages at a motel in Mesquite, Nevada. He married one of Louis’ widows, Kayleene to Nathan Jessop. Other wives married at other times: Isabell to Donald Richter, Lucy to Richard Allred, Loeona to Steven Harker, Ireta to Kevin Barlow, Kayleene to Nathan Jessop.

Those who loved Louis are still bitter about his cruel treatment by Warren. When Louis' wife Lucy died in 2005, her obituary stated that she was an Allred and made no mention of living her full live with Louis. One former member posted an alternated obituary to the Internet that included:

“She was the loving wife of Louis Barlow, who with him had a large and beautiful family. She was predeceased by two infant sons, and her lifelong companion Louis, who was murdered in cold blood by his church. Louis was a son of President John Y. Barlow, but spent most of his adult lifetime under the direction of President Leroy S. Johnson."

“Funeral services will be held Sunday at 2:00 at the L.S. Johnson meeting house, where everyone that speaks will praise the villain that ruined this woman and her family, and destroyed her husband, and where not one person will recognize her lifelong husband, friend, and companion, Louis Barlow. There will be a great pretension that she and her family belongs to Mayor Richard Allred, an accomplice in the destruction and murder of the husband of the family that he has stolen."

“Friends wishing to make a comment should send a prayer to the God of Heaven and wonder to Him how long this wickedness and destruction will be allowed to continue among the people. Donations can be made at the pharmacy for the purchase of some Prozac that can be administered orally so that you will be able to stand attending the funeral service. Remember, smile and keep sweet.”

Louis’ son Tom tried to attend the funeral at the FLDS meetings house. This report was given: “Tom Barlow tried to get in the building with his Father's Military US Flag to place beside his Mother. The Colorado City cops jumped him and there was a tussle and in the process Tom punched one of the officers, but he was quickly subdued and spirited away. It happened in the North doorway I think.”

What a twisted sense of values. Where else in the USA would city police be standing at the door of an old lady’s funeral, turning relatives away? Tom was released from jail the next day.

A former FLDS member commented: "I remember when Louis Barlow was faced with the decision of letting his family stand by him and go with him or not and how he sent them back to do what Warren told them to do. He could not admit that for all those years he had been used and deceived. His whole life would have looked like a lie and he probably could not bare the pain he felt for having been so manipulated. He died a lonely man and so will the rest of those kinds of men, and women."

Louis Barlow is gone, but still remembered. Sadly as years go by he will not be remembered by numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren because his family tree was destroyed by a man who lived in fear that someday Louis would organize opposition against him.

FLDS People 101 - Joseph I. Barlow

One of these men who was kicked out of the FLDS during the January 10, 2004 meeting was Joseph I. Barlow. Let’s examine who he is and what happened to him.

Joseph I. Barlow was a long-time residents of Short Creek. In 1941, he witnessed Leroy Johnson’s (Uncle Roy) ordination to the priesthood council by John Y. Barlow (his father) at the Woolsey Ranch. He was involved in the 1953 Short Creek raid. An arrest warrant issued for him, but he avoided arrest by staying in the Utah side of the community.

Joe was said to have worked with other Barlow brothers in bringing about the priesthood split of 1984. He spread rumors about priesthood council member, Marion Hammon, telling others that he “has always been a problem child of the Priesthood.” Joe helped set up Leroy Johnson has “the one” prophet.

In 1984 at a priesthood meeting, Uncle Roy had Joe stand up and presented him to be ordained a patriarch. He then ordained him. He didn’t know in advance that he would be made a patriarch. This was a shock to some because they considered him to be a dishonest man. In 1985, Joe was given a newly opened store with $52,000 to get going. Under Joe’s management the store was completely broke in less than one year. A plea went out to the people to raise money to bail him out and restock the store. But within another year, the store was broke again. The management was then turned over to Art Blackmore who made it a successful venture. (Bistline, The Polygamists, p. 244)

After the 1984 “Priesthood Split,” the followers of Leroy Johnson made many efforts to evict the other group from UEP property. Prior to Uncle Roy’s death in 1986, Joe convinced him to transfer many UEP assets to a secret trust, “The Majestic Security Trust.” The reason for this was to keep the assets at “arms length” from the reach of any who might fall away from the group and try to claim some property. In 1989 this was revealed during a deposition of Rulon Jeffs. Joe’s son Jethro had transferred several of the UEP companies to this secret trust. A lawsuit stopped these transfers. If they would have continued, Joe and his sons would have eventually drained the UEP. (Bistline, p. 298)

In 1989 Joe was very influential with the people to stir up hatred towards the “Second Warders” who were not following Rulon Jeffs. In a speech on December 24, 1989, Joe proclaimed, “We’ve got a group of men who will not listen to the servant of God because they’ve already compromised . . . morals . . . ingenuity . . . initiative. Everything they’ve got that was good, they’ve compromised on it. May we stand by those principles and give Uncle Rulon our total support, not just when we’re in meeting, not just when we’re enthused, but when we’re in our moment of temptation. Our golden moment comes to us, may we make that right choice and not compromise.” (Sermon of Joe Barlow)

By helping to firmly set up Rulon Jeffs as the one authority, Joe didn’t realize at that time that he was also setting up his son, Warren, in later years to establish a firm grip over the people. It would all backfire on him. On January 10, 2004, Joe lost everything he loved when Warren had him stand up in that meeting and cast him out of the community. He immediately resigned from the Hildale City Council. He had served on the City Council for 41 years since the city had been incorporated! His brother Dan Barlow, the mayor for 19 years had also been kicked out. He also resigned. When Joe was asked by a reporter how he was doing, he said, “No comment.”

On the day after the purge, anonymous letters criticizing Warren’s actions started to circulate through Short Creek. One of these letters discussed a dream and mentioned Joe. “I witnessed a great patriarch, Joseph I Barlow, raised up unto God’s work under the direction of Leroy S Johnson. And I did witness this patriarch apply himself with a fervor to the defense of God’s work and God’s sacred lands and to the institution of the UEP. And I saw that some were fearful of his fervor and did resent him.”

Joseph I. Barlow, in his late 70s, now was on his own, cast out of Short Creek, the community that he spent his entire life building up. He moved to St. George, Utah.

Four months later, Warren received a phone call from William E. Jessop, the bishop of Short Creek. He told Warren about a phone call he received from Joe. Joe told the bishop, “We, down here at St. George, are grieving. We need you to come and comfort us.” Warren told William, “Don’t touch it! If those men have the true Spirit of repentance they will have a prayer of rejoicing for the privilege to repent.” Wow! What a statement. Warren felt that he was doing Joe a favor by stripping him of his of this church membership, his family, his home, and his 41 years of leadership on the city council. Warren believed Joe was feeling despair because of his iniquity. He strongly warned the bishop if he went to comfort Joe and the other men, he would go against authority (him) and against the will of God. William promised to be very careful.

Warren was also mad that the men were meeting together and teaching each other. He said they had no authority to teach. He didn’t want them comforting each other and feared they would band together to conspire against him. In future “handlings” Warren would instruct men kicked out that they could not meet together. Since January he had continued his purge and had kicked out 19 more men in the past few months.

Warren was not happy that some of his followers were visiting Joe and these other men. “They are deceived to think these men have a humble spirit of repentance because they firmly declare loyalty to God and the Prophet, but they haven’t repented. They haven’t made it right with the Lord. So people need to be careful or they will find themselves losing Priesthood and Priesthood blessing through sympathy against authority, sympathy against the Lord’s will.” Above all else, Warren hoped that these men wouldn’t “turn traitor.”

Warren commented, “In the many letters I have received from some of these men they have declared that they are on a mission and going through a test. The Lord showed me . . . that many of these men are putting on a show of repentance to me but among themselves they don’t see why they are being handled.”

Four days later, Warren took Joseph’s former wives and married them to other men. “Richard Allred received Janice Smith, the former wife of Joseph I. Barlow.” Ten day later, “I told Aunt Alice Zitting, former wife of Joseph I. Barlow, that her former husband could not exalt her and the Lord had a place for her and she was willing to go forward.” Warren married Alice to his brother, Leroy Jeffs. (Later Leroy would be kicked out, so Alice was passed on to yet another husband. Three husbands in two years.)

On May 17, Warren got a report from Sam Roundy Jr. who had visited Joe and the other men in St. George. He reported that they were “voicing bitterness” against Warren because he had married their wives to other men. It bothered Warren so much, that he gave his family training that night, telling them about these “unworthy men.” He warned his family that if they had sympathy for any of those men, they would be turning against Priesthood.

Warren mocked Joe’s most recent letter. It “was a rehearsal of his little . . . profession of righteousness.” Joe wrote that the Barlows were not trying to take over. Warren was indignant. He was certain that the Barlows were conspiring against him. “I had told them on January 10, in public meeting, that they had established themselves as authority over the people by joining together and judging the people without authority. I had told them straight out what the Lord had told me and they still deny it.” He described Joe’s current state as “the mourning of the damned.”

Warren revealed a twisted principle that he believed in. When a man lost priesthood (was kicked out) the man had to make an atonement. Part of the atonement was to lose their wives. Warren couldn’t do anything for them and thus didn’t try to reach out to them to help them. But, they needed to stay true to Warren. Warren mocked these men’s belief that they were just going through a test. “In reality they have received a judgment and lost their blessings.”

As instructed by Warren, Joe sent letters to him. On June 19,2004, Warren revealed his true reason for kicking out Joe, “The Lord has shown me. . . that Joseph I. Barlow [and two others] DO know why they were handled (kicked out), do know their disagreements, even quietly with my father, and yet they claim they don’t know why they are handled. “ He believed they conspired to elevate Joe’s brother, Truman, to be first counselor to his late father, Uncle Rulon. If they would have been successful, Truman would have challenged Warren for leadership over the FLDS. They were still a major threat to his leadership and he needed to get rid of them.

“Some of these men had already sought the Apostleship from father in their aspiring efforts. It wasn’t yet time to correct those men during father’s administration, so he bore with them and carried them and yet the Lord worked around them, not even giving them new wives . . . which made them jealous and critical in their hearts, at least against the Prophets. . . . Now the judgment of God has come upon those men and the Lord has judged them unworthy of their own families. They are not able to exalt their families. Their aspiring nature has led them to lose the confidence of God. And the Lord warned . . . that if these men didn’t repent they would be instruments in the hands of the devil to lead many astray. That is working now as these men write me letters and say to me they don’t see why they are handled.”

Warren revealed an astonishing accusation. He believed that Joe was involved in pulling life support off of Parley Harker without the prophet’s permission and thus killed him. (Parley, the First Counselor in the FLDS Church died at age 85 in 1998 at the Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George Utah. Warren became the new counselor)

Warren believed that Joe and the others killed Uncle Parley because they “had in their hearts to put Truman Barlow in a position of authority and he would raise them up into authority as well as other evils of disagreements against the Prophet.” Warren believed Joe knew why he was kicked out and that he wasn’t repenting and holding on to his pride.

On June 28, 2004, Warren’s paranoia continued. He believed that Joe and his brothers were conspiring against him and that one of them, probably Joe, would soon claim to be a prophet. A couple of days earlier, Bishop William E. Jessop reported to Warren that one of Joe’s sons had told him how “Joseph I. Barlow was discouraged and down in his feelings and had declared, 'They just want me to stay out here and die.'”

On July 6, 2004, Warren learned that the men in St. George were still meeting together. “Joseph I. Barlow is in emotional up and downs of despair . . . ‘Poor me, why me?’” Warren’s paranoid mind started to churn again, “I can see that these men gathering together is the beginning of a movement to destroy the work of God. . . . None of them have the strength of heaven or the authority to teach, yet they are turning to each other.” Warren mocked their efforts, “It reminds me of two fallen beings trying to lift each other up to be exalted and they don’t have the power or authority or knowledge to do it.” Warren’s cruelty kept him even from considering sending men who did hold power to give them comfort and teachings.

In 2008, Joe was still away from the FLDS, but still a believer. When the United States Senate held a hearing regarding the FLDS Church and the polygamist lifestyle, Joe signed an online petition to legalize polygamy. “This sounds like a hearing before Judge Zane in 1885 during the "crusade" against the Mormons. It's a shame on the integrity of the senate. They don't want the facts they just want a way to create more animosity against the good people of Colorado City and Hildale.”

FLDS People 101 - Dan Barlow: kicked out mayor

Dan Barlow was another one of the 21 who were “handled” in the January, 2004 meeting. He lost his family, home, and position as Mayor of Colorado City. Dan Barlow, Joe’s brother, was a very influential resident of Short Creek both in industry, local government, the school board, and UEP activities.

Dan was one of the heros during the 1953 raid. One observer wrote, “I witnessed the Fifty-three Raid. I watched in tearful reverence as Dan Barlow ran himself near to death to warn of the police cars he saw coming. Dan, age 21, was arrested and taken to jail in Kingman, Arizona, for a week.

In 1970 Dan was appointed manager of the new Barco sewing plant in Colorado City. This gave many women an opportunity to have some employment in the community.

During the early 1980s, with his brothers, Dan worked against the two priesthood council members who opposed the idea of the “one man rule.” Leroy Johnson, the senior member was incapacitated with illness and the Barlows gave him slanted reports regarding what the other priesthood council members were doing. On one occasion in 1983, Alma Timpson, one of those leaders, accused the Barlows in a public meeting with pestering Uncle Roy so much that it was destroying his health. He said, “Keep your ungodly presence from Uncle Roy’s midst. “ Dan Barlow stood up and said, “That’s a lie.” The defiance surprised Timpson. He stood speechless, staring at Dan. Soon others also stood up until almost everyone in the building was up. Timpson finally said, “If that’s the way you want it, then dismiss yourselves at home.” He then walked out of the building. By the end of the year, the Barlows were successful in breaking up the priesthood council causing the 1984 Priesthood split.

In 1985, Dan Barlow was appointed mayor of Colorado City when it was incorporated. As major he took his orders from the religious hierarchy. Fred Jessop called many of the shots in the community. Dan also filled the role as the unofficial spokeman for the FLDS and was effective with the media.

In January 1999, the LDS Church came to town and met with Dan to discuss constructing a branch of their Church in Colorado City. Dan’s answer was, “we want you to build your church house in Cane Beds; we don’t want it here. If you attempt to build here, we will condemn the property and build a road through it.” The LDS Church put an indefinite hold on any future church activity in Colorado City.

In 1999, when rumors were flying that the FLDS believed the end of the world was coming, Dan tried to dismiss these rumors. "The media and the apostates have made a big issue of that... and have tried to paint us as a cult or something like the Heaven's Gate or something like that. It's just not true."

In January 2000, Dan met former President Bill Clinton at a dedication ceremony for the Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument. He had his picture taken with him.

In August 2000, Warren ordered that all school children be pulled from the public schools. Dan, started up a private school called Morningside with 280 students grades 1-10. He said, "We stick to the basics and to the things they need to know."

When Rulon Jeffs died, Dan was the FLDS spokesman for the media. 5,080 attended the funeral. Dan said, “This is by far the largest crowd we have ever had in this building. The size of this congregation is a testimony to the type of man that he was. Rulon Jeffs was a perfect example and a simple teacher. That's why the people loved him so much."

But Dan went too far in being friendly with the media. On July 26, 2003, the 50th anniversary of the 1953 Short Creek raid, a dedication ceremony was held for the unveiling of a monument on the grounds of the old schoolhouse. The event had been approved by Fred Jessop.

The event was sponsored by Dan and attended by 350 local residents. A museum was also opened funded with community donations and an Arizona State grant of $20,000. He had invited media to the event. At the ceremony, Dan narrated the account of the 1953 raid. Recorded music of "God Bless America" filled the air and those in attendance began singing. One or two of the older women stood up, a few men placed their hats over their hearts, and children were still.

This event really angered Warren Jeffs. He claimed to receive a “revelation” the next day which stated, “my people have sinned a very grievous sin before me in that they have raised up monuments to man and have not glorified me.” Well, probably the real problem was that they didn’t glorify Warren.

The community was in big trouble. Warren said a “scourge” would be sent on the people to “purge the ungodly” from among them. This monument event was the catalyst Warren used to start justifying the purging of men out of the FLDS. Short Creek would be cursed and Warren would look elsewhere, to Texas for a new land of refuge. Warren ordered that the monument be destroyed. It must be broken into many pieces and scattered among the hills where no one could find it and restore it. He condemned the wickedness of those (Dan Barlow) who sponsored the monument. The city government had done with without his permission and this was unacceptable. Warren was now in charge and must be obeyed in all things.

Dan had to explain to the media why the monument disappeared. He put a spin on the story. "It's gone. We just talked it over and came to the conclusion that we should back off, let things settle down. There's just too much publicity right now. We closed the museum and gave those things back to the people. Someday they'll be on display again. We'll use that building for something else."

Warren probably never forgave Dan for not respecting his authority. He read off his name during the January, 2004 meeting. Dan would be cast out with the other 20 men. A few days later someone wrote an anonymous letter that included some praise for Dan. “I beheld, in particular, Dan Barlow apply himself to the building up of this kingdom onto God. And I saw that he was given great wisdom to understand the workings of government and man and that he did use his understanding to bring peace to this community, that he cultivated many important relationships of respect with the world.” Warren had no interest in such relationships anymore. The rest of the world was wicked and he wanted nothing to do with it.

As with his brother Joe, Warren expressed no compassion for the state of Dan after he was sent away. Warren mocked the letters his brothers sent pleading to be let back into the FLDS. But he was angry that Dan had stopped writing him. “Dan Barlow has cut off all communication with me. The Lord showed me that man was the most indifferent of these men toward me. . . the Lord has already shown me Dan Barlow's heart many times. He is darkened and indifferent. His letters are very empty."

In July, Warren told his counselors that “Dan Barlow is bitter and is turning his brothers against me, that the Lord has shown me this.” He became convinced that one of the Barlow brothers would step forward and claim to be the prophet.

Alvin Barlow said this of his brother, Dan: "All is well. His love of the gospel guides him. He said this experience has only strengthened and verified that love."

In 2005, Dan was still in St. George working as a welder with Don Holm.

During the 2008 YFZ Raid, Dan, now age 76, while enjoyed a two-week tour of Jerusalem, read in the newspaper about the raid. He was contacted by several of his sons who lived in Texas and asked if they could list him as an appropriate relative to take their children. He quickly agreed and made his way to Texas. He said all of the emotions of the 1953 raid came back to him. He did not have to worry about Warren’s long arm from prison stopping him, so he went to see if he could gain custody of his children in Texas. He finally visited four children, who ranged in age from 4 to 13, after being unable to contact them in over four years. He still said he still didn’t know the reasons why. The oldest child recognized him. The younger three only knew him from pictures. "They kind of grew up," he said, sounding neither sad nor angry despite having every right to be. "The little ones didn't even know me. When you get older, things are all supposed to smooth out, but sometimes when you get older, your greatest tests are still ahead."

Dan was very outspoken in Texas opposing the YFZ raid. "Even though I am no longer a member, I still believe in America. There must be due process for these families. This is so much like an ethnic cleansing, to persecute these people. I can't sit quiet, I don't know of any time or place where government has so abused the rights of people."

Dan didn’t end up taking custody of his children. Since then, he said he has not had a lot of contact with his family. “I let them do the things they think they need to do,” he said.

Dan was back in the public eye when he testified in 2009 against the sale of Berry Knoll. He had originally bought the land years ago and donated it to the UEP. He testified against the sale. Some claimed that the plot of land was sacred to the FLDS and that a temple would someday be built there. That was all a pack of lies because Warren had several years ago cursed Short Creek. Warren didn’t believe any temple would be ever built there.

FLDS People 101 - Nephi Barlow

Nephi Barlow is the fourth Barlow brother who was tossed out of the FLDS by Warren Jeffs during the public meeting on January 10, 2004. Many people thought the Barlows would rally together to oppose Warren, but they didn’t. The Barlows had wielded so much influence in past years, but on that day they were stripped of everything. The Barlows could be classified as zealots. They believed in a cause and often used unscrupulous means to benefit what they considered a greater cause.

In the early 1980s, Nephi Barlow was a member of his brother Sam Barlow’s “goon squad.” Sam was the deputy sheriff in town. Uncle Roy became determined to start cleaning up the town. He used Sam and his squad to evict some of the undesirables. Sam would use harassment tactics to influence people to leave. One of the early and despicable cases is when he tried to evict a widow and her children. In October, 1982, When the widow was away in Salt Lake City, paying her tithing, Nephi Barlow and others moved her things out of her house, onto the curb, changed the door lock and moved in to guard the house. When the widow returned she refused to be intimidated, got in the house, and confronted Nephi and others. She was accused of not paying taxes, so she got help to pay them, but still harassed to leave and finally did.

Nephi and the others on the goon squad were especially despised by wayward boys. There were reports how the squad would even burst into a home uninvited and beat up a boy who was not obeying the rules. Nephi and the others were viewed by many as being self-righteous bullies.

Nephi worked with his brothers to convince people to accept Uncle Roy’s “one-man rule” which would enable him to eliminate the priesthood council model that had governed the group for decades. Nephi worked at the J&B service station and would spend hours of his work day over at Fred Jessop’s “Early Bird Cafeteria” sharing his views to any one who would listen. One of his favorite topics was, “The Gospel in a nutshell is Uncle Roy.” He explained that whatever Uncle Roy said could not be questioned.

As the 1984 Priesthood Split unfolded, Nephi even went so far to take down the license plate numbers of the cars of people who attended a meeting at the home of Uncle Roy’s detractor, Alma Timpson. As the split unfolded, the Second Ward group began holding their meetings in Timpson’s home. Nephi began making threats that they were not going to be allowed to hold religious meetings on UEP property. This led to great contention between the two groups over property use.

During 2001, Nephi Barlow poured the concrete for the huge floor of his industrial building in Colorado City. It was the biggest single concrete pour even performed until Wendell Nielson’s Western Precision moved there from West Jordan a few months later during the big “Olympics” move. (Rulon Jeffs had predicted the Games would bring cataclysmic destruction to the Salt Lake Valley. It didn’t happen, and must have just been a test.)

Nephi hoped to build a block factory that would make blocks of Styrofoam/cement to make houses. It seemed to be a good idea for desert homes. The people in the city office over-engineered the footings and it took more than three-times what was expected to get the floor and footing done. Nephi worked hard to get everything together, but the effort was sunk when Western Precisions came a few months later.

In 2003, Nephi was in charge of work projects. Nephi was criticized by some for exploiting his position as work leader to further his own interests, including building himself a big house. That duty all came to an end when Warren kicked him out of the church, took away his family, property, and career. Nephi didn’t fight back and claimed that he did not know what he did wrong. Warren’s bizarre treatment of booting people out without letting them know what they were charged with was totally contrary to the procedures outlined in his FLDS scriptures. But the “one man” rule seems to trump everything, including the scriptures. If the prophet says something, it is done and can’t be criticized.

Nephi had many ups and downs and took it very hard. He met with his brothers and others who were kicked out, trying to encourage each other. But this stirred up the wrath of Warren who believed that these men were conspiring against him.

In August 2005, Warren still was getting reports about Nephi. “I have been shown the falling away, the opposition of many peoples who have been handled, the people joining together against me. People like Nephi Barlow. . . . Would to God they would repent.”

In November 2007, five cranes and more than 100 men gathered at Nephi Barlow’s steel building in Colorado City. By nightfall the building was completely gone. Most likely it was shipped to Texas and reconstructed at YFZ.

In 2008 a former wife of Nephi’s ran into trouble with the CPS when she lied to authorities during questioning about her children. She had been reassigned to Merril Jessop in 2004, during a ceremony in a Cedar City, Utah motel room.

FLDS People 101 - Others told to pack up

Besides the four Barlow brothers, there were 17 others who were publically berated by Warren on January 10, 2004, and stripped of everything they possessed. Here is a little information about some of these men.

Roland Jay Barlow

Roland was the son of Dan Barlow, the mayor. It is unclear why Warren threw him out, but he probably believes Roland was conspiring with his father and uncles for power.

Warren soon remarried Roland’s wives to others. At the Ramada Inn at Mesquite Nevada, Warren performed some marriages. “I told the former wives of Roland Barlow that their former husband could not exalt them and the Lord had another place for them for time and eternity and they received it.” He married Patricia Ann Holm Barlow to Joseph Steed. Edmund Barlow Allred was married to Linda Fay Darger Barlow and Bonnie Jean Darger Barlow. Warren wrote, “These ladies were so happy at these weddings. There was not a mourning of looking back that they have lost. They had a living gratitude of faith exerted that the Lord was blessing them and their children. It was very pleasant to witness.

Two days later Warren got a report that Roland was “most bitter” after learning that his wives were sealed to other men by Warren. In July, he received another report, this one from his brother Hyrum who had visited Dan and Roland who were living in St. George. He reported that they were “strong and have firm testimony, were doing well. They had been gathering with others to encourage each other.” Warren hated to hear the men were gathering together and he wanted to see it stopped.

By July 2005, Dan and Roland were working with Don Holm, doing welding.

In March, 2007, two of Roland’s wives were listed in the YFZ bishop’s record as wives to Edmund Lorin Allred. These two wives, Linda and Bonnie were still living in Hildale, not at the ranch. Linda had 12 children 18 and under and Bonnie had three children 6 and under. All their names were listed as “Allred” with no indication that they were really Barlows.

In 2010, Roland had a facebook page and was employed by Ivins City Fire Department (northwest of St. George). He was a training officer, firefighter/paramedic, and emergency management coordinator staff. On his facebook relationship tag (married, single, etc), he put: “It’s complicated.” No doubt it is.

Hyrum Jeffs

Hyrum is Warren’s older brother. It is unclear why Warren tossed him out. Did he feel threatened by his older brothers? Did they know something that could challenge his leadership?

In May after Hyrum went to visit the Barlow brothers, Warren was critical of Hyrum’s assessment of the Barlows. It appeared that Hyrum was trying to put a good word in for them. Hyrum expressed “loyalty” to Warren, but Warren’s harsh conclusion was that it was obvious that Hyrum hadn’t repented yet and wasn’t “submissive.” Warren demanded that all his followers be “submission” and never question him about this decisions or actions.

David Jeffs

David is also an older brother of Warren’s. A few months later, on April 27, 2004, Warren said the Lord showed him that David Jeffs could not exalt his wives, had lost the confidence of God, and it had been revealed to him who he should marry his wives to. He traveled to Mesquite, Nevada and performed these marriages in a motel. He first talked to the ladies over a phone and asked them if they were willing to go forward with the marriages. They all said yes.

But when Madeline Barlow Jeffs found out that she was to be married to Merril Jessop, she wasn’t very happy. “There was some emotion but she acted on correct principle and at least put on an outward show of a smile.”

Susanna Barlow Jeffs, David’s first wife, was the next to be married. Warren was very displeased with her. “I asked her again if she received the Lord’s message. She hesitated a long time. She asked if there was any hope for David Jeffs. I said, ‘I love my brother, but I love God most and I will tell you the truth, what the Lord as shown me, that David cannot exalt his ladies, but if he will continue in his repentance, he can earn a degree of salvation.’ Every step was a long hesitation for her. She finally said, almost in a whisper, ‘I want to do what the Lord want me to do.’ I said to her, ‘I have told you what the Lord want you to do.’” Warren then released her from being sealed to her husband David.

Warren explains further, “I then brought Jim Allred in and she would hardly look up. She would hardly take his hand. As the ceremony ended he was smiling and she was looking down, and I said ‘You may kiss the bride,’ and she would hardly do it. She would hardly handshake for congratulations and she would hardly take his hand to go out to the car. So she showed a great spirit of resistance, yet she went through with it.” Warren believed that she had been living like a gentile for many years. “Now she needs to learn to submit to Priesthood and the ways of God.”

Poor lady. Clearly she was forced into this marriage. She was a little over 50 years of age and the sister to Madeline.

In October, 2005, a story broke that Warren, a fugitive, had been spotted in a wheelchair both at Cabala’s in Lehi, Utah and at Colorado City. Someone from Colorado City later wrote, “The man in the wheelchair was David Jeffs, Warren's brother. He was accompanied by a few of his sons and their wives. One of his sons is very tall and does bear a resemblance to Warren. The white SUV belongs to him. And David and Warren are not very close, David being the victim of Warren's familial genocide.”

Brian Jeffs

Brian was believed to be allowed to return to the FLDS within a couple months. However, in August 2005, Warren had a dream with Brian in it. “The Lord showed me Brian Jeff’s heart in this. He was weeping and doubtful and fearful about himself how he had not raised his family right, and this son and that son was falling away. And the Lord showed me through his doubts, fears, and worries, he was without the Spirit of God, and thus without Priesthood. He was involved in some sort of business with Priesthood people, but he was becoming darkened.”

FLDS History 101 - Two days of truth

For at least two days in January, 2007, a dramatic change came over Warren Jeffs. His jailhouse confessions have been seen all over the Internet. The cause for his unusual behavior is unknown, but he started to tell the truth, and attempted to undo some of the damage that he had caused to people over the previous nine years. Unfortunately this “mighty change of heart” didn’t last. Three months later he was back to his usual self.

Let’s analyze the comments he made in ten phone calls from prison on January 24-25, 2007. He didn’t just say these things once, he said them over and over again in these many phone calls during those two days. He referred to all of this as “a great testament.”

  • “I am not the key holder since Father’s passing.” “Brother William E. Jessop is the key holder.” To William: “I know of your ordination, that you are the key holder and I sent a note with my signature verifying it.” “Brother William is an apostle, ordained by Father.” “I am not the prophet. I never was the prophet.”

    It had been rumored that Warren’s father, Rulon had ordained William Timpson (later named William E. Jessop) an apostle. Rulon, while ill, was supposed to ordain William to be an assistant bishop to Fred Jessop, but he slipped and gave William the whole package, including apostleship. At that time, William was told by Warren to ignore the other things, he was just a bishop. However, now Warren was finally admitting the truth. William was an apostle and thus the valid successor to Rulon.

    Please don’t confuse Willie E. Jessop with big Willie Jessop (son of Glade). Willie Jessop who the news media calls an “FLDS spokesman” is a different person. He is not William E. Jessop. Big Willie holds no leadership in the FLDS, makes no decisions, he just does as he is told to.

  • Warren felt it was important for him to follow the scripture in D&C 43:4 “one key holder appoints the next.” The scripture actually reads, “But verily, verily, I say unto you, that none else shall be appointed unto this gift except it be through him; for if it be taken from him he shall not have power except to appoint another in his stead.” So even though Warren said he wasn’t the key holder (the gift taken from him), he believed that he needed to follow D&C 43:4 and appoint another in his stead, William E. Jessop.

  • “The Lord does not speak to the key holder through a woman.” This statement likely refers to two things. Many times during his “heavenly sessions” Naomie would later tell him what he said. So Warren figured out that the Lord doesn’t work this way. He would not use a woman to communicate things to the key holder (prophet). Another likely reference where Warren abused this principle was when he had Naomie stand up on December 1, 2002 to testify that Rulon had appointed Warren as his successor. This again violates this principle.

  • “There’s many men that are sent away that DO hold priesthood and their families will need to be put back.” By 2007, Warren had kicked over 200 men and many women out of the FLDS and reassigned their wives to other men. With this new directive (if it would have been followed through) these poor women would have been jerked from one husband to another and back. Some were even on their third or fourth husband because of these reassignments. And don’t forget about the children. They had been told that their real father was “dead” to them and they even had their last name changed. So their father wasn’t really “dead” and they should get their name back? All of this was couched as being God’s will.

  • In a phone call to his family, Warren released his own wives (more than 80). They were no longer married to him. Those who had previously been Rulon’s wives would now be widows again. However, he also instructed that they all would all be given to be wives of William E. Jessop.

  • “Leroy does hold priesthood and will be restored.” Warren’s brother Leroy was kicked out in 2005. Before then, Leroy was an influential leader, but Warren had felt threatened by him.

  • “Wendell Nielson DOES hold priesthood and needs to come back with his family right away.” Recently Warren had made a stunning declaration that his First Counselor, Wendell Nielson did not hold priesthood and was to be kicked out of the FLDS. It looks like Warren had recently sent a note of instruction along those lines. “The note will say he doesn’t [hold priesthood], so I was corrected and the Lord stopped me in my progress.”

  • “I am one of the most wicked men on the face of the Earth since the days of Father Adam.” On the follow day, Warren back-tracked on this statement. “That part is from the powers of the Evil One that were trying to influence me.” So Warren believed that some parts of his experience were from the Lord and some were from the devil. Several minutes later he said “I have been the most wicked man in this dispensation, in the eyes of God.” So, apparently he is not one of the most wicked men who has ever lived, but just the most wicked in the last 170 years. At least he figured out he was very wicked.

  • “I was immoral with a sister and a daughter when I was younger.” “I hadn’t held priesthood since I was twenty.” “I’m just a damn soul, damned soul.” Presumably he was immoral with a sister at age 20 and later with at least one of his daughters. There have been rumors that he has been immoral with others. On the phone he was asked, “Is it okay to ask what the sin is . . . the sin that you did?” Warren only replied, “a sister and a daughter.” Three months later, when he back-tracked on his statements, it does not appear that he backed off this confession, he still considered himself unworthy.

  • “I’ve just been deceived by the devil who was an angel of light.” For all these years, the devil had been deceiving him, giving him false revelations, and Warren had thought those things had been coming from the Lord. Warren told Naomie that all or most of those heavenly sessions were the devil’s deception. All those heavenly session that showed him how evil the world was, how to build the temple, who should be kicked out. . . all of this was deceptions from the devil.

  • “All the ordinance work of all the people, since Father’s passing, that I’ve done has to be done over.” What about things after Rulon’s stroke, before his passing? No, “Father was there.” This would have been a massive undertaking. Hundreds of marriages would have to be performed again. Imagine the feeling of the couples realizing that they weren’t really married.

  • “David Fischer should move to Short Creek and trade houses with Lindsay Barlow.” This was an odd directive in context of all his other statements at this time. Why was this so important to Warren at this time? Lindsay Barlow, who was at Short Creek, was to move to YFZ. David Fischer, who was at YFZ was to move back to Short Creek. For some reason David Fischer was no longer worthy to be at YFZ. David Fischer would later go back to YFZ in June and then later be sent to a house in hiding. Lindsay Barlow was also at YFZ in June and was a trusted leader on the High Council.

  • Nephi Jeffs did not need to be in St. George, Utah near the prison anymore. He could move back with his family. Warren was planning to break off contact with everyone. “I will not be calling anymore.” (Three days later Warren tried to take his own life, but failed.)

  • The Lord told him all these things because “I was in a key position.” Apparently what this means is: While he wasn’t the valid key holder, he was filling that position, and thus the Lord had to work through him for some valid things. A few valid revelations were issued. How did he know which ones were valid and which ones were false?

  • Warren instructed Naomie to destroy all the dictations (many are now public) because they are not of God. There are a few exceptions: A revelation about himself on June 20, 2003, and revelations given during October 2004.

  • “This is not a test, this is a revelation from the Lord.” When unfulfilled things are predicted by the FLDS prophet or unreasonable things are demanded, many times these are only tests of faith. Warren declared that this was not one of those times. But there was something that was a true test. Warren said that when Rulon “pointed his figure at him” (which Warren claimed was the event when Rulon appointed him as the next prophet.) -- that event was a huge test on the entire FLDS. So Warren’s reign of terror was the huge test on the FLDS.

But hold on now! Just three months later, Warren would explain that all of these January statements were just a big test. Wow, this is really mind boggling. Tests, that aren’t tests, that really are tests. All this collectively is a test. This is a fundamental flaw in the FLDS teachings. They never really know what is true, even when the prophet says it is true. They just have to do whatever Warren says today, no matter how outrageous.

During those January, 2007 phone calls, Warren left his followers stunned with these declarations and directions. Merril Jessop, his second counselor asked, “Is is alright to ask you a few questions?” Warren’s reply was, “No. Read a note I sent to you and follow through at a point according to proper order. . . . Brother William [Jessop] will tell you much more, okay? He’s the one you talk to. Thank you and goodbye.” For two weeks the YFZ Ranch didn’t turn on a single light.

Where did this all end up? Warren explained:

“Finally in the early morning hours of Monday, April 16th, (and even many times before) [The Lord] directly intervened, and directed me to call and give His message that I am to continue on and stand in my place and do His will.” Warren claimed he was over-anxious in proclaiming that he was unworthy and that others were more worthy. “Then the Lord intervened and showed me to rely on Him through these greater trials.” So it was all a huge test. “Whatever the Lord requires and allows us to go through, may I and we stand faithful and true.”

Warren finally believed that he had been “tested and tried beyond measure by the powers of darkness.” He flip-flopped.

Confused? The test on the people (of having Warren as an invalid prophet) wasn’t really a test afterall. The experience in January (that Warren said wasn’t a test) was a test afterall. But this whole flip-flop experience WAS the big test on the FLDS.

What about his poor brother Leroy Jeffs. Did he flip-flop in letting Leroy back in? Yes. He explained to his mother in a letter written in May. “I have yearned over LeRoy and the Lord still directs to leave him in the Lord’s hands.”

Those January experiences weren’t from the Lord, they were from the devil. Throughout this whole experience it shows that clearly Warren is very confused what things come from the Lord and what are from the devil. Those who are persons of faith can easily conclude that Warren is taking his instruction from a dark source, not from the Lord.

Is Warren still the prophet? Yes, most likely, but one can only wonder. It may vary day-to-day. On June, 11, 2007, he had another temporary bought of sanity when he called Merril Jessop and stated, “I am not the one to be the prophet, and I am not the one to continue.” On the next day he called Merril again and he apologized for any distress he caused the previous day. He needed to be more careful about his “expressions of unworthiness.”

FLDS Beliefs 101 - Rulon Jeffs "renewed"

One of the strange doctrines introduced by Warren Jeffs to his FLDS followers relates to the status of his father, Rulon Jeffs, the former FLDS prophet. It seems that Warren has elevated his dead father to a status almost on par with a member of the godhead. This strange teaching seemed to make its appearance after Uncle Rulon had his stroke on August 6, 1998. After that event, Warren took the opportunity to start usurping FLDS authority.

Winston Blackmore, one of Rulon’s trusted leaders explained: “Shortly after Uncle Rulon had his stroke, I had on a weekly basis, the happy experience of traveling to Salt Lake City. On one occasion, Warren and I were seated with Uncle Rulon. Warren asked me if I wanted to hear the vision which father had seen in the night. I said sure. He then pulled out a small note pad which he had been using to write down everything that his father had said and commenced reading. He stated that about 2:30 that morning, his father stirred and woke him up. He supposedly told Warren that he had beheld a large and beautiful valley which was literally filled with young women and children, and that he understood that this great posterity was his own. He understood that this event was 300 plus years into the future and he beheld that he was renewed without tasting of death. After Warren read this ‘vision’, Uncle Rulon whispered, ‘Did I say that? I don’t remember a thing of it.’ Very soon Wendell [Nielsen] came and Warren asked him if he wanted to hear the story. Warren read it to him. Uncle Rulon again asked, ‘Did I say that? I don’t remember a thing of it?’ LeRoy [Jeffs] came in and Warren asked him if he wanted to hear the vision that father had in the night. After hearing it again, Uncle Rulon again stated, ‘Did I say that? I don’t remember a thing of it.’ The following week when I went down, Uncle Rulon had Warren read the vision a couple of times and made his same remark that he did not remember it. Very soon it was all that he [Warren] wanted to talk about. We heard it in Church, we heard it in private. There soon became a great fever in supplying Uncle Rulon some of those young women that would live the 320 years into the millennium with him. He privately confided to me that ‘these women are being thrust upon me by their fathers.’”

Warren constantly preached that Uncle Rulon would be “renewed” and lead for the next 320 years. He would be the last prophet. Believing in this strange doctrine became a condition of faith. If it was discovered that you doubted this, you could be called in and questioned by Warren and risk losing your membership, family, and home.

Warren wrote a song about Rulon’s “renewal,” entitled, “He Shall Be Renewed.” The chorus contained, “For he shall run and leap on Zion’s streets of gold. . . . His body will then be renewed, restored as in his youth. His handmaidens shall be increased and great will be his seed. . . . The Lord has worked a miracle. Our prophet has been healed.”

To the skeptical, this was an interesting strategy. Warren used this “renewal” doctrine to gain more control. It became heretical to wonder if Uncle Rulon was getting old and feeble-minded. As extreme commands came through Warren, he presented them as if they all came from Rulon, the prophet who wouldn’t die. You had no reason to question it.

During the summer of 2002 as Rulon’s health failed, his wives would spend hours praying for his renewal and even sewed baby clothes in anticipation for the day that Rulon would be renewed and could father children with them.

But Uncle Rulon died on September 8, 2002. As Warren gained control, he introduced an interesting twist. Rulon may be dead, but he was still with them and in contact. Warren explained that Rulon would be renewed like Jesus Christ was, but he would remain with them. Warren was still his spokesman. At Rulon’s funeral the printed program showed that Rulon was presiding over his own funeral service. Warren explained that Rulon was “in the next room” and could see all that was unfolding from the world of spirits. A song, “He Has Been Renewed” was sung. Warren was a speaker and was listed in the program as “Elder Warren S. Jeffs for President Rulon T. Jeffs.”

The next day, speaking to Rulon’s widows, Warren told them to “live as if father is still alive and in the next room.” Within days, Warren married many of these widows who used to be his mothers.

On December 1, 2002, Warren made a case for his leadership at a general meeting. Naomie, now his wife, implied that Rulon Jeffs had returned to the people in the form of his son, Warren. As Warren firmly took over the leadership he would continually claim that his father, Rulon, was “in the other room” and was giving direction. Warren claimed that his actions were in accordance to his father’s will, and thus God’s will. Somehow Warren elevated the late Rulon into some sort of mediator between the FLDS and God.

In 2004, he said, “Father is here. This is his anniversary today, September 8th and yet he hasn’t been gone. The Lord has corrected me if I started to miss him because he is right here. . . . The previous Prophet becomes the connection with the heavens, he is always close by, or his influence is. Father directs the angels to go check on this family member and that Priesthood person all in oneness with the Priesthood over him.” (Priesthood Record, September 8, 2004)

Warren appeared to pray to Rulon. “Thank the Lord and father . . .” He believed that God sent him guidance through the Lord’s Spirit and “through father.” “I am here to do the will of Heavenly Father through my father.” When Warren gave commands, he would say, “The Lord and father want all of you to…” During his “heavenly sessions” he felt the presence of Rulon.

Warren taught that his followers need to have a oneness with “me and mine father and the Lord” an unusual trinity. He believed that Rulon was near constantly guiding his work every day. He believed that the Lord and Rulon were telling him which men to be expelled from the FLDS. He believed that Rulon instructed him to not cooperate with the government. If they did they would be a “traitor to father.”

Warren had some of his wives sealed to him “in behalf of father.” This was a very strange arrangement. Warren married these women (or girls) but they would be sealed to Rulon. They had never been married to Rulon in life. On one occasion, Warren kicked out a man and intended to marry his wife. Warren recorded “I informed her that she belonged to my father for time and all eternity and a sealing would take place by proxy and the Lord and father directed me that I should receive her for time and this very night we would do it if she was ready.”

Warren taught that Rulon was still having offspring through his widows. One of these widows was remarried to Richard Allred and they had a baby girl. Warren wrote, “So I put on record . . . this girl belonging to my father, President Rulon Jeffs.” When Warren would bless babies that were born by Rulon’s widows, he made a firm point that “the children belong to my father.”

In his relationship with Rulon’s widows who Warren had married, he explained that he was their link with Rulon. In correcting one of Rulon’s widows who Warren was now married to, he recorded, “She needed to be close to me to see father again. . . . She accused me of taking away her closeness to father, saying how she loved him and wanted to die now and go to him.” He told her “that she would never see him if she went in her present condition, she wasn’t prepared.” Warren didn’t like her behavior. “She was accusing me of not loving her. I have not called her since. I haven’t even talked to her.”

With Warren away in prison, he reminded them of this odd trinity. To his children he said, “Live as though the Lord and father and I were right by your side, knowing we are smiling with approval at you.”

In 2008, as Warren sat in the jail in Arizona he prayed to allow Rulon and other of the Prophets to come among the people at the YFZ Ranch and other lands of refuge. He was still seeking his father’s approval in all the he did. He told his family that Rulon wanted them to be with him in heaven. He would always tell his wives and children to “smile father’s (Rulon’s) smile.”

Saturday, May 30, 2009

FLDS History 101 - Warren Jeffs' torment in prison

On August 28, 2006, Warren Jeffs’ long flight from justice ended. He turned in his Priesthood suit and gentile disguise for a prison jump suit. However, his days of leading the day-to-day activities of the FLDS Church were far from over. His dictates would continue to have far reaching effects from Short Creek to Eldorado, Texas. He would give specific instructions to the leaders on the lands of refuge including his counselors Wendell Nielson and Merril Jessop. He would also issue directives to Bishop William E. Jessop looking after the Church’s assets and money in Short Creek.

Warren only remained in a Nevada prison for a few days. On September 5, 2006 he was transferred to the Purgatory Correction Facility in Utah. He would be in lock-down for 23 hours each day, given just one hour for showers and phone calls. He would receive visitors for two hours each week. He was held without bail, awaiting his trial to face rape charges.

After four months in prison Warren believed things were starting to unravel. He began to have a series of intense and violent “visions” that eventually led up to his stunning declaration that he was “the most wicked man in this dispensation” (for the past 170 years).

On January 16, 2007, he saw a “vision” of his family falling away in unbelief and that the Lord would punish them with great trials. He saw great persecution coming on his followers who would even be murdered and defiled. Many who fell away from the FLDS would become bitter apostates and even resort to human sacrifice in satan worship.

He saw that his wife Naomie would die in two days “without blood being shed, and without a police investigation.” She would be honored as a faithful witness of the work and of Warren.

The next night, more strange “visions” came to Warren in his prison cell. The FLDS would be driven from their homes by violence, scattered, destitute, driven to starvation. They would have to hide among the wicked. Warren would come to the rescue to gather those who were really faithful. They would then travel to Jackson County, Missouri to start building a temple there. He offered more prayers and then received a revelation that Naomie was near death.

On the next night, he work up at 3:30 a.m. in his quiet, dark, cell and believed the Lord told him that Naomie Jeffs was dead. “He allowed me to hear her voice how happy she is and how beautiful father (Rulon Jeffs) is, and that the record she had with her was hidden in the lining of her luggage.” He was told by the Lord to hold Naomie’s funeral that Saturday and that she would be buried in the YFZ cemetery. The Lord told him Naomie was “enveloped in Celestial fire and will be a ministering spirit to her kind.” Well, things didn’t quite work out the way Warren saw in “vision.” Naomie was alive and fine.

On January 18, 2007, he compiled his strange visions into King James scripture form, making it read like a revelation from the Lord. The Lord looked upon all the nations of the earth and found “none that doeth good,” except, of course, the faithful FLDS. The world was now ready for destruction. His revelation revealed that wicked men, through conspiracy had taken Warren captive. But Warren had already accomplished a great work by visiting all the stake capitals and cursing the entire country to be destroyed. But Warren’s work wasn’t done. He would be delivered from bondage and continue to prepare Zion for the second coming of the Lord. Things wouldn’t go well for those who persecute the FLDS. They would see “a heavy hand of judgment.” The Mormon Church was in big trouble for giving up polygamy in 1890, “an agreement with hell.” They would experience “overflowing scourge and desolating sickness” with “devouring fire.” Wow, clearly Warren blamed the Mormon Church for all his miseries. They “imprisoned” innocent ones (including himself) and caused that laws be established “to persecute my people who seek to obey my laws.” The revelation goes on and on about how wicked the Mormon Church is. The revelation then railed on the government officials for persecuting the FLDS and taking away their lands (UEP). The Lord was very angry and would humble them all with his “Almighty power.”

On January 19, 2007, Warren received more strange “visions.” Some of his family members would be taken and offered as human sacrifice in satan worship. There would also be attempts on his own life. But, he would be delivered from prison in a “miraculous way” which would make his enemies become even more angry. All those things would happen before September, 2007. (None of it did). Nations would then send representatives to the USA to demand Warren’s destruction and the destruction of the FLDS. This would justify the Lord sending destruction to other nations. Warren would stand before the world at a news conference and deliver a message to the world, calling down the judgements of God. This would cause even greater persecution against the FLDS. They would be hunted and driven, but angels would be sent to provide them with necessaries of life. Warren would be given great power from God to lead those who survived the destructions that would come. “The Lord showed me that I would be that sacrifice of blood atonement to earn the glorious appearing of the Lord to the nations of the earth, and that I will be caught up in the cloud when He descends to earth in glory.”

During the next day, in his cell, Warren compiled this strange vision into King James style scripture. It reads of great violence and destruction for everyone except those who followed Warren. “Let there be a place prepared for my servant, Warren Jeffs, that shall be called holy . . . and provide for him and those appointed to assist him with every needful thing for their support; that I may have a place to visit and guide my servant, to reveal to him the revelations of my will.”

On January 20, 2007, Warren’s visions started to become even more personal toward himself. He was chastised for being too “earthly minded” and weak. He was shown that he would be taken by the government officials and be “unsexed and be beaten and starved.” He would be taken to watch his own family ravished and killed before his eyes. He would then be put in prison to die. But, he would be healed miraculously and would still father more children. He would then call down judgments from God upon his enemies who would be swept off the earth. Warren was shown that by September 2007, he would be back performing work in the YFZ temple. Those who had been slain would be raised from the grave to continue their mission at the YFZ Ranch. (None of this happened.)

Everything came crashing down upon Warren. He started a three day fast and on January 23, he claimed Lord appeared to him in his prison cell. He gave Warren a test and he failed it. He would rather defy the Lord than obey him in this test. “Tests” seem have a strange prominence among the FLDS beliefs. Just as Abraham was asked to sacrifice Isaac, the FLDS seem to believe they are given frequent unreasonable tests to see if they have enough faith to go ahead and obey. When one of Warren’s prophesies fail, it is proclaimed just a “test” to see how the people would respond.

Warren’s brother Nephi came to the prison two days later on January 25, 2007. The conversation was recorded.

Warren Jeffs: “Okay, just a minute. I am not the prophet. I never was the prophet, and I have been deceived by the powers of evil and Brother William E. Jessop has been the prophet since Father's passing, since the passing of my father.”

It was rumored that Warren’s father, Rulon had ordained William Timpson (later named William E. Jessop) an apostle. Rulon, while ill, was supposed to ordain William to be an assistant bishop to Fred Jessop, but he slipped and gave William the whole package, including apostleship. William was told by Warren to ignore the other things, he was just a bishop.

Warren continues: “And I have been the most wicked man in this dispensation, in the eyes of God. In taking charge of my father's family, when the Lord, his God, told him not to because he could not hear him, could not hear his voice, because I did not hold priesthood. And I direct my former family to look to Brother William E. Jessop and I will not be calling today or ever again. Get rid of the former message. Write this down also.”

Nephi Jeffs: “Okay.”

Warren had called William E. Jessop by phone the previous day and said, ““I have not held priesthood since I was 20 years old, having been immoral with a sister and a daughter. And father [Rulon Jeffs] pointing his finger to me was father's test on all of us. I know of your ordination, that you are the keyholder and I have sent a note with my signature verifying it so that there is no question. . . . All the ordinance work since father's passing has to be redone and there's many men that were sent away that do hold priesthood and their families will need to be put back. . . . I am one of the most wicked men on the face of the earth since the days of Father Adam.”

Warren continued his conversation with Nephi:

Warren Jeffs: “As far as I possibly can be, I am sorry from the bottom of my heart. And write this. The Lord, God of Heaven, came to my prison cell two days ago to test and detect me and he saw that I would rather defy him than obey him because of the weaknesses of my flesh. I am hesitating while I'm giving this message as the Lord dictates these words to my mind and heart. The Lord whispers to me to have you, Nephi, send this message everywhere you can among the priesthood people and get a copy of this video, letting anyone see it who desires to see it. They will see that I voice these words myself. I ask, write this down. The Lord told me to say, and I yearn for everyone's forgiveness for my aspiring and selfish way of life, in deceiving the elect, breaking the new and everlasting covenant and being the most wicked man on the face of the Earth in this last dispensation. Farewell all of you, for the Lord has promised that I would be, I would have a place in the Telestial Kingdom of God, if I had my brother Nephi write these words down. The Lord came yesterday, no, two days ago and bestowed upon me the gift to understand his words. Then he spoke to me, without the powers of evil interfering, so that I could have this opportunity to undo what I have done. And I ask for everyone's forgiveness and say farewell forever you who are worthy for Zion, for I will not be there.”

Nephi Jeffs: “Yes you will. This is just a test.”

Warren Jeffs: “Give this to all the priesthood people, this message to you, alright?”

Nephi Jeffs: “Okay.”

Warren Jeffs: “Let everyone see the video who wants to. The Lord wants me to . . . (crying) that he finally shed a tear for the Lord, his God, who has redeemed his son. He whispers that you, Nephi, need to get a copy of this video before you leave, if you can or order it. You can tell he's still dictating to me to tell you, Nephi, before he leaves me to my punishment. To Nephi, you can tell anybody who wants to read this message, or see the video, that they can see it, even apostates and gentiles. That they may know that I have been a liar and the truth is not in me. Tell the family I will not be calling anymore, not even today. Thank you.

Nephi Jeffs: “We love you. This is a test. You are the prophet.”

On that same day, the YFZ Ranch went completely dark. For two weeks they didn’t turn on a single light.

Three days later, on January 28, 2007, Warren tried to take his own life by hanging himself in his cell. He was interviewed the following day and his mood was described as “somber and dull.” He complained that he was feeling “anxious.” The prison put Warren on suicide watch and on January 30, and February 2, saw Warren throw himself against the wall and bang his head on the wall.

On March 27, 2007, Warren tried to present a note to the court proclaiming that he hasn’t been a prophet and wasn’t a prophet.

In April during an examination Warren said he wasn’t really trying to kill himself.

Somehow during April Warren figured out that this whole experience had only been a test. He claimed that for over 45 days that he was attacked continually by evil powers. He compared his experience to that of Jesus Christ when the devil tempted him for 40 days in the wilderness.

“Finally in the early morning hours of Monday, April 16th, (and even many times before) [The Lord] directly intervened, and directed me to call and give His message that I am to continue on and stand in my place and do His will.” Warren claimed he was over-anxious in proclaiming that he was unworthy and that others were more worthy. “Then the Lord intervened and showed me to rely on Him through these greater trials.” So it was all a huge test. “Whatever the Lord requires and allows us to go through, may I and we stand faithful and true.”

Warren was back in charge. He immediately started to write letters of specific instruction to families and leaders and then went back to issuing doomsday revelations.