Sunday, May 31, 2009

FLDS People 101 - Allan Keate - machinist, convicted felon

On December 17, 2009, Allan Eugene Keate was sentenced to 33 years in Texas state prison after the jury deliberated for only five hours. He was found guilty on a charge of sexual abuse of a child.

Allan Keate was born on May 12, 1952. He is the son of Eldon Keate. Allan is a machinist by trade. He was a well-respected machinist who worked with various businesses in Utah. Kelly Roestenburg, president of New West Machine Tool Corp, in West Jordan said Allan was always truthful and honest with him. He knew him for 28 years and had done millions of dollars worth of business with Allan over the years. He never had to make a contract, they just shook hands.

Around January 2004, he disappeared from Colorado City because Warren had him secretly go to help start building up the YFZ Ranch. Allan brought some of his family with him.

Not only did Allan help with the construction of YFZ but he also helped supply his girls for wives. He gave his 14-year-old daughter, Veda Lucille Keate, to Warren Jeffs to be sexually assaulted. On January 18, 2004, Warren married her and on the next day Allan transported her to Mancos, Colorado. She was still there in August 2005.(During the 2008 YFZ raid, Veda was recognized by CPS as being an underage mother. Veda gave officials a last name of Keate instead of Jeffs. Veda was forced to give three DNA tests as officials figured out the truth. In July, 2008 she was living in a rented home in Converse, Texas with her 2-year-old daughter, Serrena. Veda was uncooperative when official came with a subpoena for the third DNA test.)

In July, 2004, Warren assigned which families would live in the “big house” at YFZ during construction of other houses. The following families shared the big house: Warren Jeffs, Allan Keate, LeRoy Jeff, Nephi Jeffs, and LeRoy Steed. It is interesting to see that in just a few years Warren and Allan would also be sent to “the big house.” This one would have bars.

By September 2004, Allan had been set apart as a temple builder.

On May 5, 2005 Allan married 15-year old Merilyn Rose Barlow Jeffs. She was the previous wife of LeRoy Jeffs (Warren’s brother) who Warren had recently kicked out. Merilyn had married LeRoy at the age of 14. Allan also married another one of LeRoy’s wives, Joanne Steed, on that same day. Warren had decided to marry off all eleven of LeRoy’s wives to five men at YFZ. This marriage to Merilyn would later cost Allan his freedom.

Allan later brought young Merilyn in to meet with Warren because she had been unwilling to “get close” to Allan. Warren gave her direction and told her to hold hands with Allan on the way home. She was then to have a talk with Allan. It looks like Merilyn was sent away from YFZ for a time (probably to Colorado) and was instructed to write letters daily to Allan telling him how she was doing including how much she loved him. At one point Warren complained to Allan that she was acting silly. Merilyn would eventually return to YFZ and would give birth to Allan’s son, Robert in December, 2006.

Allan consulted with Warren regarding plural marriage challenges and how he should give proper attention to his wives. Warren replied, “Sometimes I rotate and stay with each wife in their room.” Allan also wanted guidance if he should still sleep with wife Nancy who was past child-bearing age.

On October 3, 2005, at the YFZ Ranch, Allan agreed to let his 15-year-old daughter Rachel Keate marry Lehi Barlow Allred Jeffs. Also on that day gave up another15-year-old daughter, Rebecca Keate to marry Keith Dutson Jr. Clearly Allan had no problems bringing his little girls forward to Warren for marriage.

On July 4, 2006 in Colorado, Allan was given another wife, Rosanna Barlow Nielsen, at least his sixth wife. He later brought her to YFZ Ranch. In March, 2007 he had six wives and 14 unmarried children living with him at YFZ. He had many other children elsewhere. His first two wives produced 18 children.

In May and June 2007, Allan Keate was a member of the YFZ High Council, and attended secret meetings to accept a series of Warren’s “revelations.” These revelations were the means Warren used to convince his followers that he was still the prophet from his prison cell and that his sins had been forgiven.

During the April 2008 raid, many of Allan’s family members were involved. His wife Merilyn gave her name to CPS as “Merilyn Barlow” and refused to name Alan as her husband and the father of her son, Robert. CPS first believed Merilyn was a minor but later agreed that she was 18. They suspected Allan Keate to be her husband but Allan was nowhere to be found. A hearing was held in May to consider Merilyn’s case. Merilyn’s service plan submitted (to be reunited with her son) to the judge called for her to identify her son’s father, undergo a psychological assessment and take parenting classes. A CPS case worker estimated that Merilyn only had an eighth or ninth-grade education. An attorney appointed for her 1 1/2-year old son, pointed out that Merilyn was underage when he was born and that this may lead to criminal charges against the father, depending on the father’s age.

Using the records seized in the raid, in July 2008, Allan was eventually charged with felony sexual assault. In August he posted a $100,000 bond and was not allowed to leave the county and had to stay away from his 18-year-old wife. He was indicted by the Grand Jury in August.

Allan’s December 2009 trial was very straight-forward. The defense had tried to get damning evidence thrown out that had been seized during the 2008 YFZ raid, but they were not successful. Allan chose to go with a jury trial. It was an open and shut case. The evidence was clear. DNA tests showed that Allan was the father of Merilyn’s baby. Records seized showed that Merilyn was Allan’s underage wife. Alan was convicted after only five hours of jury deliberation and then sentenced to 33 years in prison.


Anonymous said...

Warren Jeffs is a wicked little man.

It is sad to see the destructions that his directions have brought upon those who believe(d) in him.


Stamp said...

"Open and shut case"


Yet what I find amazing is the lack of remorse - they still feel that they were due those child brides, being "Temple builders" and all.

The Temple is in its own prison too, ironically.

Anonymous said...

So sad, Years ago, I looked up to Allen

Anonymous said...

Such awful emotional abuse of these teen girls. To order a 14 or 15 year old to hold hands with a 52 year old man and ultimately to allow him to impregnate her..and this is being a good, God-fearing individual. Those 33 years years are truly well-deserved. Warren should serve something like 3,333 plus for the atrocities he has committed and promoted.

Arthur Mellin said...

Dear Mr. Knoll,
It's important to remember God knows what relations transpire between Warren Jeffs and the females he relates with. What if they're his wives? Then what is all the finger shaking and outrage? People not knowing as much as God.
Art Mellin
Flower Mound, TX