Sunday, May 31, 2009

FLDS History 101 - The 2004 Purge

On December 24, 2003, Warren Jeffs received a “revelation” warning him that there were many FLDS men who were conspiring against him. He was warned “that if these men didn’t repent they would be instruments in the hands of the devil to lead many astray.” He needed to take against this dangerous threat facing him.

On January 10, 2004, in a Saturday morning prayer meeting at the LSJ meetinghouse in Short Creek, Warren Jeffs stood before a gathering of 1,500 FLDS and said, “I seek unto the Lord that only his will and purpose be done this day. The Lord has placed upon me the mission to search for the pure in heart. Whom the Lord loves he chastises and grooms. I come with a message of correction and an invitation of repentance." His voice was shaky and he continuously cleared it throat. He looked uncomfortable. He then made a starling announcement. He first had four sons of John Y. Barlow stand and also four sons of Rulon Jeffs. All eight were sons of previous prophets. He denounced them all as “master deceivers.” “Verily, verily, thus saith the Lord to this people, all those who join with these deceivers and hypocrites will be darkened and will have to be cast out.” Addressing the Barlows, Warren said, “You judged and criticized legitimate authority.” He turned to their wives. “All you ladies married to these men are released from them and will remove yourselves immediately from their presence. If you don’t I will have to let you go.”

The congregation was in shock. Nothing like this had ever occurred before. He had thirteen additional men stand. They were told they were also being cast out. Twenty-one men total. They must immediately remove themselves from UEP property and leave the community. Warren looked at them and said, “You know what you have done.” But they didn’t. He asked those standing to show by uplifted hand that they accepted this action as the word of the Lord. They all raised their right hands. He next asked the congregation to raise their hands in favor of this action that he called “the will of God.” He then asked, “Does anyone oppose? Raise your hand and stand up if you do.” No one had the courage to show what they truly felt. “I am calling for a fast for the next two days. All of the families are to keep to themselves.”

He then asked the audience to all kneel while he led them in prayer. In the prayer he instructed those who were being sent away to repent and continue to support the FLDS financially. They were told to send him letters of confession. If they changed their ways, they may one day be permitted to return.

What happened to these men? Did Warren let them back in? Did he keep in contact with them? Were they helped? Read about some of these men including four brothers, Louis Barlow, Joseph Barlow, Dan Barlow, and Nephi Barlow.

Winston Blackmore later honored the Barlows: "Uncle Louis, Dan, Joe and Nephi have been famed for many things, including leadership, inspiration, and dedication, but perhaps the most outstanding being their faithful stand for the teachings of Uncle Roy and John Y. Barlow, who
stood almost single handedly against a whole church and state, bent on totally wiping out the fullness of the celestial law of marriage. They stood with Uncle Roy who stood for Uncle John who stood for the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was said by Warren that their father John Y. Barlow directed the proceedings of their excommunication. What a crock! Smells like a vulture to me."

Winston also noticed a similarity between the 1953 Raid and Warren's Raid. "'Women leave
those men.' They all left. 'Children take on you a new identity.' They all turned into someone else. 'Men go imprison yourself in solitary confinement'. They left to be in lonely exile. The raid was accomplished at last."

A daugher of one of the Barlows commented, "I am a daughter of one of the 'Barlow boys' and it is absolutely amazing to see what has happened to my heritage. It's sad, but like someone said, 'They are being devoured by the very monster that they created.'"

One of the brothers of Warren, Brian Jeffs apparently was allowed to return a few months later.


Anonymous said...

Looking for status on some people I used to know:
Truman Barlow
Carl Holm-- father of pliggy
Family of john Nicholson
Rohbucks(besides Ron)

Anonymous said...

I am good friends with one of the cast outs. He is a good man, and for some reason he still wants to return. After hearing Warren in his own words from some of his tapes that have surfaced, I know my friend is a better man than Warren. I know most of the believers have not seen Warrens tapes that he made, I wonder if it would make a difference if they were shown to his people?